Your Chess Guide Book: The Howe System: A Unique Chess Opening

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In the topsy-turvy world of modern chess openings, creativity is something that you will mostly find in the middle game. Often, it’s the same old main lines with some 2700 with an engine finding a new move that gives him a .2 advantage instead of a .15 advantage on move 25. In this robotic age of chess omniscience, it’s increasingly rare to find new and creative ideas. It’s important to enjoy the fine pieces of chess creativity that are being produced by individuals and to be inspired to come up with unique and interesting ideas in your own games.


This thought provoking book will lend both unique and creative ideas for both the tournament player and novice alike. This book is a must for anyone ready to challenge themselves to “say no” to the world! Mr. Howe’s wit and humor walk us through a series of games and options, feeding our minds with endless possibilities!
International Master Yaacov Norowitz gives his insight as well, which makes owning this book a must for any chess enthusiast! Order this book now!